3. Participation Pledges

Drafting AGD Sensitive Pledges Promoting access to Burden and Responsibility Sharing including Refugee Participation and Capacity Building

Issues and responses to include in new pledges:

  • That the potential knowledge, experience and expertise of all women refugees be recognised and taken into account when addressing burden and responsibility sharing, and that they be involved in identifying what contributions they can make.
  • That all program and policy planning initiatives include regular meetings with displaced women and girls to identify problems and solutions, and to facilitate programs and strategies in which women take an active and equal role. Particular effort should be invested to safely include women and girls of all ages, including elderly women, those with a disability, Indigenous, Stateless, lesbian, bisexual and transgender women and girls.
  • That a range of well-funded programs be developed to resource and support the active inclusion of all women and girls in leadership and decision making. These should include accessible capacity building trainings, access to childcare, resources, technology and stipends for women leaders. Most importantly programs should respond to the range of SGBV related risks including risks of early and forced marriage, family violence and unsafe public spaces, which continue to limit women and girls’ agency and participation. Particular account must be taken of the extreme stigma and marginalisation that lesbian, bisexual and transgender women and girls face and the additional risks they might face to be included.
  • That the important role of civil society actors, both within the refugee communities and host communities, including the often-unfunded contributions made by women’s Community Based Organisations (CBOs) be taken into account and supported and resourced when addressing burden and responsibility sharing.

Examples of possible pledges:

  1. A pledge inclusive of Women and Girls across all Age and Diversity Groups:

We x INGO pledge to support the equal and meaningful participation of women and girls in decision-making processes impacting their communities, in a manner that is comprehensive, and aligned with strengthening inclusive community sustainability. We commit to paying particular attention to SGBV as a major barrier, and to both addressing the additional barriers faced by women and girls with a disability, Indigenous, lesbian, bisexual and transgender women and to recognising the unique contributions they have to make to burden and responsibility sharing strategies. This Pledge will address …… Plus issues from above. 

  • A pledge inclusive of all AGD groups:

We x State pledge to include and recognise the different needs, of all refugee women and girls, men and boys, paying particular attention to the needs of members of LGBTIQ, Stateless and Indigenous communities and persons with a disability, in all the short and long-term planning responses related to burden and responsibility-sharing. Including through consultations and meaningful participation, underpinned by principles of gender equality, acknowledging that SGBV continues to be a major barrier to women and girls’ participation. This Pledge will address …… Plus issues from above.