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This website contains a tool for analysing and identifying the different age, gender and diversity issues which should inform humanitarian and development responses to issues of concern.  It has been successfully used around the world with refugees, local and international NGOs and UNHCR and other UN agencies.

Matrix Tool in Use
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Key issues have been identified for each of the Pledging Areas Identified in the Global Refugee Forum, 2019. This occurred in multiple countries in a comprehensive consultation with refugees, NGOs and UN bodies using this matrix.  Full text to support the summarises included in each box of the matrices can be found on the Completed Matrix page which is based on the evidence presented in the reports addressing issues raised by Refugee Women and Girls.

Previous research can also be used to complete the matrix. 

The issues of rape and sexual abuse were reported so often across all categories, that it has been added as separate issue.

The matrix is flexible, and categories on each axis can be modified to suit specific needs analysis and inform solutions. The completed matrix includes issues raised by Refugee Women and Girls and showcases how to use this tool. The following matrices are empty are ready to use.

Matrix 1 outlines issues for all women and girls across age and diversity groups, highlighting SGBV as a major cross-cutting issue.

Matrix 2 outlines issues for all men and boys across age and diversity groups. 

Matrices 3 and 4 have been modified for analysis of disability needs. Matrix 3 for needs of women and girls with a disability. Matrix 4 for needs of men and boys with a disability

Matrix 5 has been modified for analysis of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE) communities. As the needs of each of these communities have significantly different, separate matrices could be generated to cover each group, for example, one for Lesbians, one for the Transgender Community etc.

Matrices 6 and 7 have been modified for analysis of Indigenous community needs. Matrix 6 for the needs of women and girls from Indigenous communities. Matrix 7 for the needs of men and boys Indigenous communities.

Advocates and Pledge authors can decide on the categories they wish to focus on.  The blank matrices can be downloaded here.

Please note that as the matrix is filled, clear connections and intersections between the issues under consideration become apparent and highlight the compounding impact of the research.

Matrix 1
Matrix 2
Matrix 3
Matrix 4
Matrix 5
Matrix 6
Matrix 7